Nail Your First Jam Night!

Have you always wanted to get up on stage at a Blues Jam Night with the confidence to be able to handle any tune that is called, in any key?

You can!

Learn all the skills that YOU need to nail that first jam night from a pro bass player that's been there and done it!

The Course

This Blues Jam Survival Guide is a mini-course giving you the exact concise information that you need without any fillers.

Contained in the course:

  • Understanding the 12-Bar Progression
  • Learning stock turnarounds, intros and endings
  • Transposing Progressions
  • The most common Blues tunes
  • 10 Iconic Blues riffs
  • Jam Night etiquette
  • The Mental Game!

The skills you will learn:

  • An arsenal of tunes, riffs, turnarounds, intros and endings at your fingertips
  • An understanding of Blues progressions
  • Ability to play in different keys
  • An understanding of how a jam night works
  • The confidence to get up on stage